7th Generation Family Vintners

7th Generation Family Vintners

Pinot Grigio

The vines, which grow in deep dark loam soil, are five years old.  The vineyard area is 1.77ha and yield more or less 12 ton/ha.  It was hand-picked at the beginning of March at a balling of 22.5°C.  The wine was fermented for 3 weeks in stainless still tanks at 12°C.

Tasting Notes

The texture of the Merwida Pinot Grigio is smooth and almost silk-like overtones.  It has a delicate fragrance of flowers with lightly lemon-citrus flavours.

Serving Suggestions

Merwida Pinot Grigio is a light bodied, casual drinking wine and should be served between 7 - 13°C.  It must be enjoyed as soon as possible and not aged for longer than two years.  Pinot Grigio makes an excellent pairing with white meats, seafood and food with a fruit element, such as lemons, oranges, peaches or apricots.

Fun Facts

Pinot Grigio goes by several different names, depending on which country it is referencing.  For example, it is called Pinot Grigio in Italy, Pinot Gris in France, Grauer Burgunder in Germany and Grauburgunder in Austria.

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